Georgia Rug Gallery – Why Read More Completely Into This Aspect.

Golden Rugs, renamed to Georgia Rug Gallery was organized on or about August 31, 2005. Since the inception of the Company, Ms. Ayda Khaleghi and Mr. Mark/Mohammad Kamkariyan were and have been the sole two members of the Company. Since the inception of the Company, Ayda and Mark have been members and managers of the Company with each owning a fifty a percent desire for the business. The Organization was organized to operate a business and retail store called “Golden Rugs LLC.” which sold area rugs and provided rug related services. After Mark’s fraudulent bankruptcy, In approximately 2007, the Company moved the Rugs in GA to a different location located at 3335 Cobb Parkway, Suite 800 in Acworth, Georgia.

Starting in earlier-to-middle 2014, associations in between Ayda and Label grew to become strained as Tag grew to become progressively hostile and deceitful in the communication and transactions with Ayda. Unbeknownst to Ayda, Label had begun scheming to cut Ms. Ayda out from the company that they had constructed together in the last ten years. In furtherance of that scheme, Mark performing within his fiduciary ability as a director and person in the business, engaged in specific wrongful conduct, including however, not confined to works of robbery, embezzlement, larceny, defalcation, misappropriation, dangers, intimidation, assault, along with other carry out which had been personal-serving, injurious, damaging, and harmful to Ms. Ayda and also to the business. This wrongful carry out incorporated Tag depositing receipts and obligations received from the Company’s clients into his personal banking accounts or into other profiles about which Ms. Ayda was oblivious and did not have entry (or else converting these Business possessions to his very own thing and manage).

Label also started wrongfully transferring monies from your Company’s banking account into his individual banking account or into other balances about which Ms. Ayda was unaware and did not have entry (or else changing these Company assets to his very own possession and manage). Label also taken out supply through the store and marketed inventory from the shop and did not make up individuals revenue towards the business and Company. Starting in around June 2014, Label started out making use of dangers and intimidation (and then actual physical physical violence) to avoid and intimidate Ms. Ayda from obtaining, checking out or working at the store and from taking part in the Company and the enterprise. Furthermore, Tag transformed the fastens to the Glowing Mats store and altered the store’s security system pass computer code in more efforts to leave out Ms. Ayda from your Company’s enterprise premises.

On or about June 30, 2014, Mark triggered to become prepared a new Georgia limited accountability business referred to as Georgia Rug Collection LLC. From that period forwards (and perhaps earlier) Tag conspired to steal the assets and company in the Company, and do in fact take these possessions. The Defendants mixed together or maliciously procured, helped, advised, counseled, convinced, or commanded the other person to dedicate the wrongs alleged in this criticism with all the intention of accomplishing something unlawful or oppressive or immoral.

On July 1, 2014, Ms. Ayda met Label on the Company’s company properties to talk about Mark’s wrongful carry out and to go over the best way to equitably separate the Company’s possessions and conclusion the organization connection. In their conference Tag assaulted Ms. Ayda by throwing a dessert bottle at her then achieving throughout the table and, with out opportunity or consent, positioned his palms around her throat. Therefore, doing an assault and battery power on her. At the reaching, Mark also was adamant to Ms. Ayda that he was trying to keep the company and that there was clearly no way that Ms. Ayda was becoming paid out or paid anything on her interest in the organization.

On or about July 22, 2014, Label switched the Glowing Rug’s vendor service deposit account (used to method bank card transactions at the store) for an accounts controlled by Mark and thus changed all long term profits from credit card product sales of the Company’s items and inventory to Label. In August 2014, Label positioned indicators inside the windows and on the wbnyal of Gold Rugs’ business premises, informing the general public and the Company’s customers that Georgia Area rug Gallery was coming shortly and would be found in the package next door, Collection No. 850, and later to collection No. 300.

Additionally, Mark without the consent of Ms. Ayda, diverted and took each of the Company’s customers, inventory, fittings, gear, consumer documents, enterprise information, amazing info, as well as other remaining asserts to the new clients, Georgia Area rug Gallery.

On December 23, 2014, Ms. Ayda was at Loca Luna Bistro located at 550 Amsterdam Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia when she was approached by Mark and her sibling who without opportunity or authorization, head-butted her, started out wanting to seize her and wanting to move her far from her group of friends. Thus, doing one more attack and electric battery on her. As a result of this attack and battery, Ms. Ayda attained a 12 Month Stalking Safety Buy against Mark.

In January 2015, Tag with the aid of his family opened up the Georgia Rug Art gallery retail store in Collection 850 of 3355 Cobb Parkway in Acworth, Georgia, instantly nearby to in which Ms. Ayda and Tag with the Organization, got run the Glowing Mats store for your previous seven many years.

Due to and through the conspiracy, collusion, strategies, and actions as set forth herein, Label usurped the Company’s company and earnings to the new company depriving the business of economic and violating fiduciary tasks and other tasks due to Ms. Ayda. Georgia Area rug Collection LLC is efficiently just a continuation in the Business, although, a continuation that has been of no benefit at all to Ms. Ayda.

Right after Mark’s very first better half, Nadia’s strange disappearance, in about September 2014, Mark traveled to Iran, remarried his nephew Sepideh, an effective Iranian architect, moreover delivered her for the US and they are ongoing a successful enterprise with each other below Georgia Area rug Art gallery LLC. As a result Mr. Tag/Mohammad Kamkariyan/ Georgia Area rug Collection LLC. happens to be in a legal action.

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